Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY Photo Clipboard Frames

Heather found an idea on Pinterest to make picture clipboards and thought our stairway would be a great place to hang them.  Here is the inspiration for our project. Click here for the tutorial from LoveGrowsWild.
We started with a plain 1x12 board and i cut it into 13 inch lengths.  Sanded down the edges, applied a wood conditioner and then I used the dark stain, Kona, that we used on Trigg's bed project.
 Then we added the bulldog clips that Heather picked up at Hobby Lobby.
I used Minwax Paste Finishing Wax for these frames, it gave it a good finished look without having to use polyurethane.
The finished product hung up.
 A view from the bottom of the stairs.
Close up of the frames.
Another Pinterest success!

The Goings On of Trigg

What do you do when you are trapped inside during such a cold winter?  Find idea's on Pinterest!  Heather found this one to keep Trigg busy (for 15 minutes...which for a toddler is a really long time!)
Play-dough, skewer sticks and Cheerios = fun
We also picked up some finger paints!  I re-purposed on old t-shirt to make a paint t-shirt for Trigg.
He loves painting with his fingers!
We tried out a new haircut place a few weeks ago, its called Shear Madness in West Des Moines.
Trigg loved that he got to sit in Lighting McQueen
...and watch "Cars"...
...and he got a blue sucker!  They kept him entertained and he got a needed haircut...Win-Win!
We have also been going to SkyZone in Grimes!  It's an indoor trampoline park and they have Toddler Time from 11-Noon on Wednesday's and Thursday's.
Mom and Trigg having fun on the trampolines!
"I mustache you a question!"
Trigg has discovered pockets...and he likes to fill his pockets with stuff...usually cars!
With the arrival of spring, the dudes jumped on the bike and went from a ride around the neighborhood.
I took a long lunch last Thursday and took Trigg to SkyZone... was awesome!
...and makes for a good afternoon nap!
Our little man is looking more and more like a little man!
Watching his favorite movie Cars!
Trigg does try to push boundaries at times.  He is in a new cooshie booster  but occasionally he just can't stay sitting and will stand up in his we are learning in our house, poor choices have consequences and if you want to stand while eating supper, you will lose your chair and you can stand at the table.  At first he thought it was fun but by the end of the meal he was ready to have his chair back.
That's some of the happenings at our house, we are ready for spring and warmer weather so we can get outside and play!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Transition Column

We love the open layout of our house, the main level is really one big open room with stairs in the middle.  The only trick is that we didn't want to paint the main level all one color.  There a natural break of a doorway from the kitchen to the dinning room (for now...) but from the front room into the entryway it is a seamless wall.
But we wanted two different we decided to build a faux column to break those rooms apart.  We wanted it to match the trim work of the front door.  5.5 inch width with 3 fluted grooves... but you can't find that type of board anywhere.
So I set up my router table, measured for a front and back gate, set the depth and width and ran a board through.  Three straight lines later I have a matching board!
Then I built a base and top block, added some primer and paint
Installed the faux column!  It matches fairly well and makes the transition look a lot better!
What do you think?

Garrett - 2 months

Our little man hit 2 months a few weeks ago!  He is growing quickly and changing everyday!  
He has started to smile and coo and lots of wiggling.  He can get his arms and legs moving!
He is quickly growing out of his clothes, but his older brother handed down plenty!
Garrett is a good sleeper too and we are getting close to sleeping through the night consistently!
Bright eyed and ready to play!
Is that a boom box I hear?
My first jeep!
Hanging out in the great outdoors (well just in our front yard, but it's great just to be outside now that winter is on the way out!)
More smiles!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bench Seat

Inspired by Pinterest, Heather had the idea to make a bench seat at our dinning room table.  So when we made the trip to Ikea to get our bookshelves, we grabbed a few of these cubes...
 and turned 5 of them into our bench.  We found two long bench pads that fit perfectly!
 Now for a back rest...
 I started by making two big frame with an OSB front.
 To hang them, I used a 45 degree angle cleat.
 Here is the top and bottom cleat lined up together.  The bottom piece is then mounted to the wall, pulling the pad and frame to the wall with the 45 degree angle.
 Time to wrap the frames in batting and cover with fabric.  My helper thought the batting was pretty cozy!
 I stretched the batting and stapled around the edges.
 Then wrapped with our fabric and add lots more staples!
 One panel to go.
 The first panel mounted on the wall!
 Stepping back, the panel is 44 inches across and 56 inches tall, added to the bench, it totals about 70 inches tall!
 Here is the cleat for the 2nd panel.
 ...and both panels hung on the wall.
 We then secured the bench pads with some Velcro to avoid slipping.
 And the finished product!
 A close up of the pattern on the fabric
 It's approved!  Trigg likes it and thinks the circles kind of look like golf balls.
Bench is installed and we can now comfortably sit 10 around the table!