Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week in Review

Another great week in the books!  We started the week with a fun trip to the Pumpkin Ranch.  The weather was fantastic and we found some great pumpkins!
 "How Tall This Fall"
 Heather had some friends over for "craft night", they made fun Christmas trees! 
 The weather was really warm at the beginning of the week, we had a rainstorm blow through and knock all the leaves off the trees.  So Wednesday after work, we headed out front with the leaf blower and rakes to tackle the leaves!  Trigg was excited to help!
 Let's get started!
 ...there's a lot of leaves...and a driveway somewhere under those leaves.
 ...leaves, leaves
 Making progress!
 Playing in the leaves and dirt...
 Getting dirty is fun!  Look at my hands, all dirty!
 A busy boy content to play!
 Trigg's new trick...check out my tongue!
 It's a good trick for Mom and Dad to use to make sure Trigg doesn't have any dirt, leaves or something else in his mouth that shouldn't be there!  All clean!
We got all the leaves picked up and just in time too, Thursday's high temp was 52 and it is supposed to be colder this weekend...We stopped by the mall this week and the Christmas decorations are up!  Winter is right around the corner!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Ranch

This past weekend, we headed to the Pumpkin Ranch to pick out some pumpkins and have fun!  The weather was perfect, sunny with temps around 75!
The sun was out in full force, so Trigg was sporting his shades!
 We met my family at the Pumpkin Ranch.  Trigg was excited to see Grandpa, but probably more excited to see a tractor!
 Morgan and Piper quickly found the bounce house!
 Trigg checking out the fun!
 Trigg and Mom found a hay pile to play on!
 We headed over to catch the hay rack ride out to the pumpkin patch!
 Waiting for the tractor and playing in a wheelbarrow...1 out of 3 smiles, not bad!
 The tractor!
 All smiles on the hay rack ride out to find the perfect pumpkin!
 Christa and Piper are excited to find their pumpkin!
 Grandma, Grandpa and Morgan hold on tight as we bump through the field!
 "Mom, I found 'em...these are the ones!"
 ...but this one looks pretty good too!
 Check out this one!
We stopped by the "How Tall This Fall" sign!
 Morgan and Piper...getting taller!
 Trigg found another pumpkin that he likes!
 Last year, we went earlier in October and we were a family of two (with a very pregnant Heather)...this year we are a family of three!
We had a great time at the Pumpkin Ranch, lots of pumpkins and lots of fun activities!  Hope you made it out to find your pumpkin last weekend because a cold front is blowing through Iowa today and the temperatures are dropping!  Happy Fall!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Week in Review

Another week in the books!  Leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping...66 days till Christmas!
Trigg was checking out this big box...what's that say on your jammies? Dump Truck...
 ...better test that out...this box works just like a dump truck!
 If you look closely at this picture you will see Trigg's milk moustache!
 What else did you learn this week Trigg???  It's fun to play on the bottom step...
 ...what happens when I lift this knee...
 ...and then the other...
 ...and do it again...
 That's right, Trigg learned how to climb the steps this week! (oh boy...)
 We had our friends over for some S'mores this week.  The Peterson's enjoying the fire pit!
 And the Shull's!
 Josh, Trigg and I enjoying some s'mores.  The kiddo's really enjoyed the slide!
 Riley had her friend Coco over for a weekend slumber party!  They chased each other around the house so much that they were worn out!!!
 Tuesday, we got out the leaf blower and rake.  We raked the leaves from the front yard into the back yard to make a huge leaf pile at the bottom of the slide!
 Down they go into the pile of leaves!
 Trigg wasn't too sure about the big leaf pile.
 ...but Heather wanted to go again!
 My turn...
 ...yep, it's awesome, almost disappear in leaves!
 What else did you learn to do this week Trigg?
 Well, I figured out how to walk behind this push cart!
 ...and away he goes!  Trigg pushed that cart all around the basement!
 We tested out the dump hauls little boys around the construction site and gets them where they need to go!
Well, that pretty much sums up our week.  It is supposed to be a little warmer this weekend so we are going to check out the Pumpkin Ranch! (and probably rake more leaves)