Saturday, September 29, 2012

High Trestle Trail

Saturday morning we loaded up the bikes and headed to the High Trestle Trail to check out the fall colors and the High Trestle Trail Bridge.  We drove up to Woodward to the trail head and then biked to the bridge (about 2.6 miles one way)
 Trigg sporting his shades!
 Heading down the trail!
 We made it to the bridge!  The bridge is where an old railroad bridge used to be, spanning the river valley below!
 It is a cool bridge, it has big square steel beams that twist as you ride across the bridge!
 Trigg was impressed!
 ...and interested in how they constructed such a big bridge using these big bolts!
 Say cheese!
 What a view!
The leaves are really starting to change colors; yellows, oranges and reds!  It was fun to see all the trees in the river valley starting to change.  If you haven't been up to check out the High Trestle Trail, now would be a great time, we highly recommend it!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Week in Review

Another week in the books!  I can't believe that it is the last week in September!  Summer is over and we are into fall...
Trigg is excited about fall, rockin' the fall colors!
 Trigg and his wildlife...Grandma and Grandpa Comfort gave Trigg these birds the sing when you squeeze them...he loves them!
 Its getting cooler, especially in the mornings with over night lows in the 40's and 50's...we got out Trigg's stocking cap as we went out for a stroll one morning!
 Trigg is a man on the move and he has figured out how to pull himself up to the table without problems!
 The backyard project is almost complete...I have all wall installed!  This is the view from our deck.
 ...and we have started moving plants.  River rock is going in around the fire pit!
 View from the fire pit...I have put down new grass seed and have been watering our plants that we have moved, that's why everything is wet.
 ...and the other side of the stairs!
 Trigg seems to be learning something new everyday!  We now have 5 teeth showing!
 ...and all his different expressions, they make me laugh!
 What a dude!
 "So Strong" Trigg flexing his muscles!
 Another morning stroll, throw on a hoodie and a blanket to keep warm...but by lunch time it was warm with the temps in the high 70's!
 We have had some excitement in our neighbors backyard...what do you see Trigg?
 A digger! (not this one, but one like it)  The City of Des Moines is clearing out some brush from the creek behind our neighbors house and making a lot of noise.  Heather and Trigg have been over during lunch breaks to check out all the big equipment!
That sums up our week.  The leaves are changing and will soon be falling.  Hope you had a great week!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Week in Review

We had a great week.  The temperatures are starting to drop and the trees are starting to change color!  It feels more like fall everyday. 
With the cooler weather, Trigg busted out a new long sleeve shirt...with tie!
 He is a man on the move, crawling and pulling himself up to anything and everything!
Mom had a Cabi party and the clothes came in this huge box...what should we do with such a big box?  Use it as a race car and drive around the house!
 Hold we go!
 We also got out Trigg's long sleeve jammies this week...these feature a dump truck!
This past weekend was the 3rd Annual BBQ Fest.  We got a 6.5lb beef brisket from Costco and I got the smoker going around 6:30 Saturday morning! 7 am we were sitting in the "ideal" range. 
 12 hours later, I cut into the wonderfully smoked meat! turned out great! 
 Everyone pitched in and brought a side dish!  The gals getting everything ready!
 Aaron, what will you be having tonight?  "Meat, with a side of meat."
 My parents came up on Monday for lunch...they are getting ready to have a garage sale and have been cleaning their basement.  They brought up some toys for Trigg and found a bin of my old stuff...apparently I was holding onto these little gems for some reason...
 We also added a few books to our collection that I had when I was a kiddo..."There's a Monster at the End of This Book" featuring Grover.
 Trigg is also getting good at giving's the cutest thing!  We are working with him to kiss with a closed mouth instead of wide open...but at this point, it's adorable!
 With 3 teeth showing, we are brushing at night.  Trigg is pretty excited about it!
 ...or he is excited about his rocket ship jammies that glow in the dark!
 Trigg also tried a new snack this week...graham crackers.  After close inspection, they turned out to be a big hit!
That pretty much sums up our week.  It is feeling more like fall and we are getting closer and closer to our little dudes first birthday...planning continues!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Week in Review

Another week has gone by...we are quickly approaching fall!  This we, I sold my old beach cruiser bike and we bought Trigg a bike seat!  This bike seat is a little different in that he sits between me and the handle bars on a bracket mounted above the top tube!
Trigg loves his new bike seat!  We have been on it several time already this week!  I think he is able to see a lot more than if he were sitting behind me.
We rode our bikes up to Snookies this week.  This weekend is the Beaverdale Fall Festival and that means Snookies will be closing for the we made the trip for one last ice cream cone!
With the nice weather on Saturday, I took off the old garage door on the back side of the house and gave it a face lift.  The paint was chipping badly, a few boards were so rotten I could see through them and a few board were warping off of the door...time for a little repair work!
I stripped off the old paint, pieced in some new boards, used some rock hard putty to fill a few holes and gave the door a fresh coat of paint...and we have an almost new door, a huge improvement from what I started with!
This warm weather has given our rose bush new life and new blooms!
The lower level backyard project is making progress.  We got some hostas planted on the one level, we bought some hydrangea's on sale that should get planted this week! 
Trigg is a man on the move...and lately he has had his eyes on Riley.  This is a rare picture that contains both Riley and Trigg.  Generally, Riley sees Trigg coming and heads the opposite direction!
He has figured out how to pull himself up to the furniture, so he is standing up every his crib, next to the coffee table, next to the name it, if he can, he will stand!
One night Trigg and I had a jam session...he was very interested in the guitar strings!
He is crawling all over the house...the other night, as we were in the kitchen getting supper ready, Trigg made his way into the kitchen to see what was going on...he had a little trouble getting past the rug, so he brought it with him!  Maybe we should put sweeping the floor on his chore list...
We love having dance parties in the kitchen...they usually bring big smiles and lots of laughs!
Trigg loves to move and wiggle and it is even more fun if there is music!
That pretty much sums up our week...lots of fun and lots of laughs with a little boy who keeps getting closer and closer to being 1!