Friday, December 28, 2012

Week in Review

What a week...Merry Christmas!  Christmas finally came!  We had a great Christmas, it was pretty relaxed and very enjoyable!  I added some Christmas updates, but here is what else happened this week:
Trigg's future is so bright, he's gotta wear shades!  Grandma Doreen was out running errands and dropped some stuff off, Trigg tried on her dude!
 We got a big snow storm Wednesday night into much snow that all the area schools were closed and even some of the office was closed on Thursday too!  Snow day for everyone!
 We had several trees that looked like this...broken in half from the weight of the snow!
 One spot that Trigg visits on a daily basis...Riley's pet bed.  For some reason, he loves sitting there...he thinks it's so funny!
 Riley doesn't seem to mind Trigg taking over her bed...there are plenty of other places for her to sleep!
I don't know if Riley was a good girl this year or not, but she was pretty excited to open her stocking.  She got a 3 foot dog bone!
 No time to mess around...she dug right into it!
 Trigg was pretty curious about this bone and what Riley was doing... "Riley, I'll hold this end for you!"
 We picked up some snap peas at the grocery store this week...Trigg loves them! 
 Crunch, crunch, crunch, as he chews with his front teeth!
 Trigg has also been practicing his chipmunk skills...shoving lots of food into his mouth and stretching out his cheeks!
 His cheeks are growing and so is his hair...soon and very soon will be "Baby's 1st haircut!"
Well, that pretty much sums up our week.  Christmas has come and comes 2013!

Christmas - Home

Celebrating Christmas at our house was fun this year with Trigg being a year older, he was definitely more interested in what was in his stocking!  With traveling to Grandparents, we opened up our stockings on Christmas Eve.  What could it be...
 ...a new tool belt!  Complete with a saw, hammer, wrench, screw driver, ruler and square!
 "Come on Dad, let's go fix something!"
 Merry Christmas!
 Mom and Trigg in front of the Christmas tree!
 The dudes!
 Our big man!
 Let's open some presents!
 A new puzzle and some books!  Awesome!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours...let's get ready to celebrate the New Year!

Christmas - Indianola

Christmas Day we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Comfort's house to celebrate Christmas!
Trigg, Morgan and Piper checking out the goodies in their stockings!
 Trigg and I opening one of his presents!
 Trigg crawled over to help Grandma open some of her presents!
 ...and then back to my lap to help me open up a present...what a good helper!
 Thomas the Train!  "Choo, choo"!
 Grandma and Morgan reading Morgan's new Bible!
 Trigg and I checking out his new book!
We had a great time celebrating Christmas in Indianola with my family!  Again, lots of good food and good time spent with family!  Merry Christmas!

Christmas - Ankeny

On Monday, we met Heather's family at the Jester Park Equestrian Center to go on a Christmas sleigh ride in the snow! 
 The horses were hooked up to the sleighs with jingle bells on their harnesses!
 We all got snuggled in...
 ...and away we went!
 Camille, Shay, Aaron and Chad were with us in our sleigh
 and Grandma Great, Brent, Doreen and Nathan were in the other sleigh.
With the recent snow, it was a winter wonderland!
 After a 30 minute ride, we made it back, a little colder but with smiles!
 Our team and sleigh!
 Oh what fun it is to ride in a two horse open sleigh!
 Back at Grandma Doreen and Papa Brent's house, while the finishing touches were put on lunch, Trigg and Nathan snuggled into a chair to read a book!
 After lunch, it was time to open presents...Aaron Paul was excited to tear into his gifts!
 Camille and Trigg were more excited about the empty boxes!
 Trigg and I opening one of his presents...
 ...a new book!
 Nathan and Aaron both got headlamps...that came in clear plastic containers...Trigg was excited about the packaging!
 Aaron was excited about his headlight...the lights went off and his headlight went on...for the rest of the day!
 We got Nathan this reusable bottle that comes with a book "79 Pop Bottle Science Experiments"
 A little afternoon snack!
 The dudes!
 The kiddo's
 Merry Christmas!
 Grandma and Papa with the kiddo's...I think we even got a smile out of Papa Brent!
We had a great time celebrating Christmas in Ankeny!  The sleigh ride was really fun and the rest of the day was just as enjoyable with good food and family!  Merry Christmas!