Monday, July 30, 2012

Up, Up and Away!

Growing up in Indianola the summer was marked by going to the swimming pool and the Balloon Classic!  We headed down to Indianola on Sunday to watch the balloons fly.
Miya and Trigg rode the train while we were waiting for the balloons to fly...
Morgan and Piper were on the train ride too!
I caught a smile from Trigg as he spotted mom!
Trigg and Grandpa talking about the hot air balloons...
Checking each other out!
...and the balloons take to the air!
Trigg spotted the balloons as they started to fly over our heads!
Family photo!
...and here are a few pics of the sky filled with balloons

If you haven't been to the balloon classic in Indianola, I would highly recommend the trip! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week in Review

We had a great week...and now that the temperatures have dropped about 20 degrees we are having a great weekend!
Trigg all wrapped up in his towel after bath time!
 Last weekend, Heather and her friend Sarah hosted a baby shower for their friend Laura.  The basement was decorated for the shower!
 Sarah, Laura and Heather...the hostesses with the mama to be!
 Trigg is getting more and more comfortable standing...he really likes hanging out in the basement window sill, it is just the right height for the dude.
 "Check me out, I can do it on my own"
 Standing up and playing with cars!
 Trigg also likes looking in his mirror.
 We think he is trying to cut more teeth since he is chewing on anything he can get his hands on
 ...and Trigg continues to roll and he has figured out how to roll under the coffee table!
 The backyard project is still in the works...little by little it is getting done.  Trigg watched from the upper deck...cheering me on as I worked!
 It's always fun to have a cheering squad!
All in all, we had a great week and the 2012 Olympics have started!  Which leads me to the question of the week...what Olympic event are you excited to watch?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Week in Review

We had a great week this week.  Trigg hit the 9 month mark and is becoming a man on the move.  We did our first shoulder ride and we both thought it was so fun!
 It was hot all week, temps in the 90's to 100's we headed to the pool to cool off.  Grandma Doreen got Trigg these sweet swim undie's that go under his swim he doesn't have to wear a swim diaper.  They work great...and work pretty good as a hat too!
 Trigg also loves helping fold his laundry...
 ...catch that side...
 ...and fold!
 The Olympics are right around the corner and we are all excited to watch...Trigg, inspired by the gymnasts, has been working on his infant splits!
 ...and I was afraid that this day would come, confusion between Trigg's toys and Riley's Trigg was rolling around the basement he came across Riley's dog first it was just a close inspection...
 ...but then he wanted to try chewing on it like Riley!  The bone was quickly removed...
 ...and replaced with a car.  That sheepish grin!
 My car!
 The backyard project has doesn't look like much now, but that is a fairly steep hill (used for sleding in the winter), well the plan is to dig out the hill and put in retaining walls with a lower patio and fire pit.
The first wall is taking shape!
Our grass may be dead but our hydrangea's are blooming!
We planted these Lime Light hydrangea's last year and I just love them!
Oh yeah...these two have been chasing each other around the house all week too!  They usually keep it to a dull roar with an occasional bark!  Riley always loves having friends over!
Well that pretty much wraps up our week.  Hope your week was good too! 
A new ending to the week in review: question of the week.  This week's question: What book (or books) are you reading this summer?

Monday, July 16, 2012

9 months!

Can you guess who is 9 months old???
I AM!!!
That's right, Trigg turned 9 months old last week!  So we busted out his sweet 9 month tie and snapped a few pictures!
It wouldn't be a photo shoot without a Riley photobomb!  Riley is getting more brave around Trigg...and Trigg just wants to chase her around the house!
Some things our 9 month old is up to: barrel rolling across the floor, trying to coordinate his arms and legs to start crawling, wanting to stand up on his own, loving the swimming pool and splash park, eating Cheerios on his own, chatting with Mom at the grocery store...and he loves dance parties!
"For wearing a tie every Wednesday Dad, you got mine on a little low and crooked..."
Once the tie came off and Mr G found his way to the was time for a wrestling match!
First, the stretch to see if our opponent is within arms reach...
Couldn't reach him sitting use gravity and lean over my legs with my head and my body follows, now I'm rollin'...
...and now I've got you!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week in Review

We had another pretty good week!  It started off a little rough...Trigg had a reaction to the antibiotics and broke out in a rash!  Poor little guy, the hives didn't seem to bother him, just make him red and blotchy!
 Those didn't last too long, only a couple of days, and then he was back to his normal self...feeding himself Cheerios!
 Being cute with his slight head tilt at the table!
 He is still sleeping like a champ...but with confidence in rolling, is has been sleeping on his side and stomach!
 Too cute...even a little drool!
 We tried a new recipe this week, asparagus wrapped chicken!  It was pretty good!
 Trigg barrel rolling while chewing on some letters...
 We think more teeth are coming in...he wants to chew on everything, even in the bathtub!
 Coco came at the end of the week and Trigg loves having 2 dogs in the house...Coco doesn't mind her hair getting pulled a little, so she will lay next to Trigg!
Well that wraps up our week...what's new with you?