Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Shay

Last weekend, we got together to celebrate Shay's birthday! We meet the Pella VL's, Brent and Doreen and Grandma Gloria at Gateway Market for dinner.
Shay, Heather and Aaron...all excited to celebrate.
Aaron and Heather hanging out with big smiles and laughs.
Chad, Nathan and Shay enjoy their dinner.
Brent, Gloria and Doreen are all smiles at the end of the table.
After dinner, we headed up to Smokey Row for some dessert!
Nathan learning how to play checkers from the birthday girl.
Nathan enjoying his dessert...cotton candy ice cream!
Aaron flashing his smile and thinking "Happy Birthday Mom"
We had a great time hanging out and celebrating Shay. Lots of laughs and plenty of fun. Happy Birthday Shay!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Joni's Birthday

Last weekend, we got together with the Pine's, the Vocelka's, the Siskow's and Ann and Andy to celebrate Joni's birthday! We had dinner at El Rodeo and then came back to our house for dessert and games!
Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a cookie cake.
We fired up the Wii and played "Just Dance." Kim and Dawn got into the groove!
Evan and Isaiah were also dancing...they were showing the grown ups how to move!
Derek and I got into the dancing with the song "Eye of the Tiger"
Isaiah dancing with the boys.
We had a single elimination tournament going...and in the finals, Joni vs seems my years of show choir paid off, I won the tournament.
Happy Birthday Joni, we had a great time celebrating! There were plenty of always!

Basement Club

Last weekend, I headed over to the Siskow's for a day of working in the basement. Dawn and Heather had a morning of scrapbooking while Aaron and I framed up the walls! In true construction form...we both grew out moustaches! I got to run the nail gun.
Aaron working with his saw...
I was doing actual work while Aaron counted his money...
Moustache crew...building a basement one wall at a time!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Signs of Spring?

Can it be that we are actually coming to the end of what has seemed like the longest winter ever? To me, the signs are all around us...Snow is definitely melting away and revealing patches of dead grass...
Last night, for the first time in 2010, I fired up the grill and we had some burgers...awesome!

I know it is not official till March 21st, but I am welcoming spring!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Alps...of Afton, MN

This past weekend, we headed up to Afton, MN to Afton Alps for a day of skiing and snowboarding with the Pines and the Siskows. We drove up Friday night to the Twin Cities and then hit the "slopes" (hills) all day Saturday. This was Aaron's first time snowboarding, so Friday night, Derek and I tried to give him a few pointers before we got out on the snow.
...I think he is getting it!
Aaron got so good in practice, he could even count his money...
Saturday was gorgeous, sunny and temperatures in the 40's. While the Siskow's were renting their gear, Joni, Heather, Derek and I headed up the bunny hill to warm up. The gals were skiing and the guys were snowboarding.
Dawn got her skis on and Heather and Joni gave her some quick lessons...all smiles on a sunny day!
Joni and Heather...ready to go!
Joni and Derek are all smiles, excited for a fun day in the snow.
Heather and I are all smiles too, it was so nice out I didn't even wear a stocking hat!
Aaron and Derek and I taking the lift to the top!
Heather and I on the chair lift.
Heather, Joni and Dawn...snow bunnies at the top of the hill!
After lunch, Aaron found money in the parking this was a legitimate money counting picture, 6 dollars!
Group Photo at the end of the day.
We had a blast skiing and snowboarding with the Pine's and the Siskow's. Can't wait till next year to do it again! We did manage to stop at Ikea and the outlet malls on the way home...and found some great deals! All in all, it was a great weekend full of fun with friends!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Surprise 80's Party for a big 30!

Saturday, Erin had plenty of surprises in store for Rob to celebrate his birthday, ending with an 80's themed surprise party at their church (since Rob was born in 1980). Being sneaky, Heather brought a crimper and asked Karys if she wanted her hair done...perfect for an 80's party!After Karys got her hair done, she and Nathan found some play cell phones and were making calls to anyone they could think of...their expressions are priceless!
We went out to eat for dinner and then Erin managed to get Rob to the church where he found a surprise party and plenty of friends waiting for him. Erin also had a nice 80's suit waiting for him too!
Everyone dressed in their best 80's outfits!
Tania and Nate are ready to party.
The birthday boy with his birthday cake
Brotherly love
These guys are excited to celebrate Rob's 30th birthday
Brent was getting some cold legs, but pulled off the classic 80's look with the daisy duke shorts and the calf high black socks...nice work!
Styles from the 80's and today.
Heather found some sweet leg warmers at Goodwill and tie-dye is back, she picked up that shirt at Target. I borrowed a sweet pair of Zuba pants and an awesome 80's t-shirt!
Chad pulled out the tight rolled jeans for the party...thumbs up for that!
Brent challenged me to a ping-pong match...I lost, but I am determined to get a rematch.
Heather and Erin...full of 80's style!
Heather's outfit looks like it came from the 80's...and I think that is where this vacuum came from as well!

We had a great time celebrating Rob and his 30th birthday. There were lots of laughs, plenty of food and lots of stories shared. Happy Birthday Rob!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dance Party in the OC

This past weekend, Heather and I headed up to Orange City to celebrate Rob's 30th birthday. We got there Friday night, so that Rob and Erin could go out to dinner with some friends and go see one of Rob's favorite local bands, Damon Dotson, play in Sioux City. Nathan came up with us on Friday, so Heather and I hung out with the kids Friday night. We started the night off with a dance party! Karys showing us her "rocker" moves!Gracie's turn to shake and move.
Nathan showing the two girls how he likes to dance!
Heather joined in on the air guitar!
Then they were all jumping around...
When the next song came on, Nathan said to Heather, "This is a kids only song, you don't dance to this song" I think Karys is doing the "robot".
After the dance party, I had an idea...let's build a fort. That was a big hit!
Everybody loves a fort...even dogs love forts!
The whole crew at the entrance to the fort.
After playing hard and a few battle wounds, it was time to wind down, read a book and head to bed!

We had a great time chasing after these kiddos for the night, there was plenty of laughs and they definitely have a lot of energy.