Thursday, February 16, 2012

4 Months!

Trigg turned 4 months old!
It's hard for us to believe! He keeps growing, smiling, laughing...

It's so much fun to watch him grow and change. He really likes to sit thing I know, he'll be running with me!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


9 years ago today, I was a senior in college at Central and stuck in Nebraska with the track team due to a snow storm shutting down I-80. We got to spend our first valentines day together over the phone...
8 years ago today, my valentine was spending the spring semester in Merida Mexico...again we got to spend our second valentines day together over the phone...

7 years ago today, I got to take my valentine out for diner to Monarch's in Pella and we got to spend Valentines Day together...and the last time as "boyfriend/girlfriend"!

Today, I got to go to lunch with my valentine and our son! Over the last 9 years, I have been blessed to spend my life with my best friend! We have both grown so much. I love watching my valentine be a great mom and a great wife!

Happy Valentine Day Babe! I love you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

homeward bound

Thursday we flew home through Chicago. On the way there, we had a direct flight, so we were a little nervous how Trigg would do with 2 flights and a connection in Chicago...but he flew like a champ. Slept most of the flights and was content the rest of the time!
The first flight to Chicago he fell asleep playing with Heather's necklace!
Since our connection was in Chicago...we found Garrett's Popcorn and grabbed a bag of the Chicago mix!

...and then the second flight to Des Moines, he fell asleep on mom's lap! What a dude!

All in all, we had a great trip to Florida. It was fun to go to Disney and SeaWorld and hang out with the family for a few days. Plenty to do and the weather was great!


On Wednesday, we headed to SeaWorld for a day of fun with some animals! Heather and Trigg wore their blue shirts to coordinate with all the water animals. We started the morning at the with a show at the Sea Lion & Otter was awesome!
The seals, otters, sea lions and walrus are all very well trained and put on a great show!

The walrus is huge!

Next we headed over to Shamu Stadium for the killer whale show...and it was killer!

Trigg wasn't as excited as we were to see the killer whales.

They did flips, twists, spins and all sorts of water aerobics!

Luckily we didn't sit in the "splash" zone seats, because those whales can get people wet!

We also found the pink flamingos!

Trigg had fun looking at all the fish in the aquarium, but he was tired by the end of the day.

We had a lot of fun at Sea World!

There was a lot to see at Sea World, lots of animals and some fun rides too!

Swimming Pool!

During vacation, we took Trigg swimming for his first experience in the pool! The resort had an indoor pool and we went pretty early on Tuesday morning, around it was just us and a water aerobics class in the pool!
Despite the pictures we took...Trigg seemed to love the pool!

He had so much fun kicking and splashing in the water...he wore himself out!

...that's what vacations are until you fall asleep!


Last Monday we headed to Disney World for a day of fun! All the kiddo's had matching shirts with Mickey or Minnie on the front, so they were ready to go!
Trigg and I ready for a day of fun!

After parking and taking a shuttle, we hopped on a ferry to get to the Magic Kingdom!

Papa Brent, Grandma Doreen, Gracie and Nathan all watch as we approach...

...the Magic Kingdom!

Who's ready for fun...let the memories begin. Trigg didn't make it in this picture...he fell asleep on the boat ride.

Heather and I are all smiles. Trigg is sleeping, but he is excited to be at Disney too!

Heather and I make a pit stop to feed the little man, while she is feeding Trigg the Dapper Dan's stop by to sing us a song as they open the restaurant!

We rented a stroller for the must have been cozy!

We caught up with the family to catch one of the parades!

...and Trigg was awake for the parade and he loved it!

Mickey, Minnie and the Comforts!

It is such a pretty park and so well kept!

After a full day we had a tired boy on our hands...well actually in Mom's arms, he fell sound asleep!

We had a blast at Disney, it was fun to watch the kids meet all the characters, from Mickey and Minnie, to the princesses, to Tinker Bell. It was all around a great day!

Off to Florida!

Heather's parents gave their family a trip to Florida to Disney for Christmas this year...awesome! We just got back and it was a great break from the Iowa weather. We were a little worried about flying with a 4 month old...but Trigg did awesome and he hardly made a sound the whole flight!
Just recently, he discovered his hands and he is generally chewing on his fingers...well one of those fingers found it's way to his nose!
We got to Florida late Friday night and it was warm and 70 degrees!

The next morning, we didn't have much planned...check into our resort, buy some groceries and check out Downtown Disney for lunch. Trigg and I chillin' on the couch waiting to head to lunch.

AP and Trigg hanging on the's amazing how quickly a TV can capture a kids attention.

Downtown Disney had all sorts of things to see and check out...Legoland, T-Rex Cafe...

After our first full day in Florida, we had a tired boy and tired mom!

...can't wait for Disney!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Trip

For my birthday this year, Heather surprised me with an overnight trip down to Kansas City to tour the Boulevard Brewing Company! The Pine's came along with us. Friday afternoon, we loaded up the car and headed to KC.
No birthday would be complete without a birthday cookie cake!
Saturday morning, we got scheduled for the first tour at 10am. Derek and I were excited...Trigg was sleeping!

Heather, Trigg and I out front of the Boulevard Brewing Company.

Joni and Derek

Boulevard ages some of their beers in whiskey barrels, in fact they use Templeton Rye whiskey barrels!

The bottling operation...

The tour ended at the bar for taste testing!

It was a really good tour, we learned a lot about my favorite beer. Derek had so much fun, he was jumping for joy!

After the tour, we headed back to Iowa, with a stop at an outlet mall before we left KC. I had a great birthday, it was a fun and unique way to celebrate!