Monday, May 5, 2014

Tulip Time

TULIP TIME!  Heather grew up in Pella and, for her, this is the best time of the year!  We headed to Pella on Saturday for the festivities.  The dudes of the family have matching Dutch gear!  
Our little Dutch boy!
We got to the square before the parade to participate in the street scrubbing.  Buckets, yolk, brush...check!
They send the street scrubbers down the street prior to the parade starting, we are ready to go!
Water & brush...scrub away!  Trigg did a great job and had fun scrubbing the streets.
 Trigg and I in our matching gear!
 After we scrubbed, we headed over to our seats to watch the parade.
 Garrett taking it all in!
 The bands, the floats, out of the whole parade, Trigg's favorite part was the fire truck!
 The dudes!
Heather and her boys!
Heather and Garrett
The whole family!
We had a great time in Pella!  We had our picture taken a lot...mostly by people we didn't know and a few with our own camera!  Plenty of fun at Tulip Time!

Garrett - 3 months

Our little guy hit the 3 month mark!  He is growing and changing every day and his personality is quickly developing with his facial expressions!
He is full of "ooohs", "aahhs" and giggles!
...and the occasional eyebrow raise!
And he loves his sleep (most of the time)!