Sunday, February 28, 2010

light improvement

In two spots in our house we had these awesome awesome, I mean terribly old and out dated and kind of ugly.
It was time for these gems to go!
During "Black Friday", Heather and I found a deal on two fixtures at Menards, but with the holidays and busy schedule they didn't get out of their boxes until a few weeks ago.
Simple installation, hit the breaker to cut the power, remove old lights, connect white wire to white wire and black wire to black wire, add some electrical tape and a wire nut then mount you light back to the ceiling and turn the breaker back on!
Just like that, new lights!

Awh, the wonderful world of home improvements!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hanging out with Morgan

A few weeks ago, Heather and I went and hung out with Morgan for the evening. We had a great time with that little gal. We started off with playing and a few snacks...both were a big hit! Then Morgan had this funny serious look...
With Morgan's birthday only a few days away, we were quizzing her on how old she was going to be...and she got it right, 2!
After playing hard, it was dinner time...thumbs up for that!
More playing with Auntie Heather and then it was time to wind down...
...and read a few books before bed.
Morgan showing off her trick of balancing her book on her foot...
...with a little help from Auntie Heather, she got it to balance!
We had a great time hanging out with Morgan, she is full of giggles and energy! I guess that happens when you are 2.


For Brent's birthday, we headed to the Checkerboard restaurant in Pleasantville. We meet Grandma Gloria and the Pella VL's to celebrate...oh and John Wayne was there too!The Checkerboard features good food and lots of things on the wall to see. They have more stuffed animals than the Bass Pro Shop (maybe not). Nathan wanted to check everything out and with each animal was the question..."Could it eat me?" Most answers were "No", but there was a black bear that was bigger than that little man...he wasn't so sure he wanted to touch the bear.
Nathan tried on the leather cuffs and was feeling like a real cowboy!
Meanwhile, Aaron was so hungry he started to eat the table!
After dinner, we went across the street to Smokey Row for some dessert. Heather and Shay smile nicely while Nathan downs his cookie!
We had a great time celebrating Brent and his birthday. There always seems to be plenty of laughs anytime Nathan is around. Happy Birthday Brent!

Backlog: OC girls weekend visit

I am a little behind in posting, so I thought it was time to catch up! Back at the end of January, the girls from Orange City came down for a visit. Chad and Shay were staying in Ankeny, so the OC girls came and stayed at the "Comfort B&B". We went up to Ankeny for dinner Friday night so all the kiddo's could play. Imaginations were running wild as Nathan, Gracie, and Karys were driving their "motorcycles" around town!
They were having such a great time, Addyson wanted to join in on the fun.

All the energy of 3 little ones apparently wore out these guys.

After bath time, it was time to play some more!

Saturday night, Heather planned some craft time with the girls.

I even joined in on the fun!

We cut out pictures and made Valentines hearts and fun magnets for the refrigerator.

Sunday morning, Gracie and Addy are all set and ready for church.
Big smiles!
Heather and Gracie show off their newly crafted magnets...good job ladies!

We had a great time with the ladies from Orange City, it was so much fun to hang out and make crafts. Thanks Erin and your girls for making the drive and spending some time with us! We have more crafts ready for next time too!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Book Worm (as Heather calls me)

I don't know when it started, but my love of reading books has been rekindled this year. I set goals every year and one of my goals is to read 10 books in 2010. Last year, I wanted to read 9 books in 2009. Last year I only read 6 books. So far this year, not even 2 months into 2010 and I have already read through 5 books...I just can't get enough and I am pretty sure I will exceed my goal this year. Heather takes me to work in the morning and then I take the bus home, so that give me a good 30 minutes every afternoon to read.
I even started a book club with a good friend of mine, Aaron Siskow (if you are interested in joining, let one of us know). We are finishing up reading "Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer" by Richard Rohr. It has been a good book, very insightful thoughts on prayer and connecting with God in deeper ways.
At the same time, I am finishing "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. Donald Miller is a great story teller and he shares his life story and how he drifted away from God and then found his way back.
I have a few more books on my "to read" list right now, but I am always open to suggestions. What books are on your "to read" list in 2010?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seth's Bowling Birthday

In Heather's family generally we get together and the birthday boy (or girl) chooses an activity to do together. This year Seth decided he'd like to go bowling. We learned that real bowling is not as easy as Wii bowling - except for Nathan, he showed the adults how a "pro" does it.
Nathan was more excited about tossing the ball than to see how many pins he knocked down.
Brent and I modeling our "sweet" shoes. Brent complained they were affecting his bowling game...right. Maybe it was because he was dressed in all the same shade of khaki...who knows.
Doreen showing us her skills...
I can thank my high school PE teacher for that "pro" bowling form.....
Chad showing Nathan how its done.
Nathan was so jazzed about his orange ball (he and auntie Heather used the same one)
Uncle Seth....STRIKE!
Nathan decided to get a little assistance from the bowling ramp.
What a great looking family...can't wait for Aaron to bowl with us next year!
Game Face

By this point Brent got a different pair of shoes...oddly enough they didn't seem to help his game.
Wow...this is heavy!
While Nathan waited his turn he used the hardwood floors to test out his dance moves...he's got quite the moves.

among his dancing skills he oddly has an interest in guns....such a boy.
Birthday boy showing us how its done.
After bowling we headed back to Heather's parents for pizza, cookie cake and gifts. Nathan is quick to pose when there are treats involved.... I'm not sure if there will be enough frosting for everyone...hmm.
Frosting lipstick...looks good Nathan!
In honor of Seth's birthday Shay and I went and had makeovers at Ulta...thanks for going with me Shay - always fun to get a fresh look.

Seth we are so glad to we get to celebrate you not only on your birthday but throughout the year! We love and appreciate you! Happy Birthday!