Friday, November 30, 2012

Week in Review

It the last week in November, December is right around the corner and with that comes Christmas!  We have been getting our house ready and putting up decorations, Trigg has been a big helper. 
Lately, Trigg loves tunnels...whether going under his actual tunnel, a table, someones legs or a chair, he loves it!
We have a small artificial tree in the basement with fun ornaments...we put Trigg friendly ornaments at the bottom for Trigg to discover! 
Trigg loves ringing the jingle bells on the back door!
"I'm getting so big!"
Trigg helping Mom water the plants and the tree...
"Mom, I can help you..."
"...the plants are thirsty, I'm thirsty too!"
Trigg loves exploring and we will find him tucked into the corner with his toys trying to grab something that caught his eye!
...and my latest development this week...
Taking steps on my own!  As of today, Trigg's record is three steps in a row!
We had a great week, lots of fun getting ready for Christmas and seeing Trigg's reaction to the decorations.  It was also a big week for Trigg as he is starting to figure out how to take steps on his own! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

We have been decking the halls around our house and we are ready for Christmas!  Here is a little picture tour of our decorations.
Heather working on our "pretty" tree.  She had a new vision for the tree this year...
...and it turned out great!
We took apart our ball garland and made ornament clumps.  Heather also found green tulle to cascade down the tree.
The final's ready for some presents!
Our fabric wrapped "Joy"
Our Willow Tree nativity scene
This year's mantel
"Noel" made with pallet boards, wreath and a metal E
Table set for a dinner party
Heather's craft project, fabric trees!
Some Christmas flowers brighten up the front table, amaryllis blooms and a poinsettia.
...and that wraps up our tour.  December is quickly approaching and it was fun to get out all the decorations!  Trigg loves the Christmas lights and points out our Christmas tree every morning!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week in Review

What a great week!  3 days of working and 4 day weekend...for that I am thankful! 
Mom and Trigg went to the grocery store on Monday and while Heather was shopping for some fruit, the cart happened to be parked next to the pears...Trigg helped himself and managed to start eating a pear on his own!  So for lunch, Trigg got to finish his pear.
 He loved it and ate most of it all on his own!
 Here is a trick Trigg and I have been working on...he stays stiff as a board as I hold him up in the air by his legs...he likes to look around and touch the ceiling!
 Trigg is a man on the move...he will even use Mom's leg as a ladder to climb up on the coffee table!
 He really loves his water bottle!
 Mom and Trigg checking out the book of big machines!
 Our nighttime routine...jammies, books, brush teeth and then bed!
 Trigg loves his books!
 Trigg also loves his naps!  He tends to roll around while he sleeps, so we never know where he will be when we wake him up...usually he wedges his head into one of the corners of his crib.
 We also spotted this little guy in our backyard this week!
 We started off our Thanksgiving celebration with "Friendsgiving" Wednesday night!
 We got together at the Pines with the Siskow's and Vocelka's for some soup and pizza!
 Jon and I with our fire fighters and future Central Dutch!
 Thanksgiving Day, we headed up to Ankeny.  "I've got my bib on...ready to eat!"  Trigg said.
 It was a smaller crowd around the table, Trigg, Heather and I, Papa Brent, Grandma Doreen and Grandma Great!
 After lunch, Trigg worked off some turkey by climbing the stairs!
 Trigg and I...Happy Thanksgiving!
 Our family!
 Grandma Great and Trigg
 Grandma Doreen, Trigg and Papa Brent!
 Saturday, we headed down to Indianola for some more good food!  Morgan and Trigg playing with their new snow globes!
 Snowmen and Christmas tree snow fun!
 "Trigg, check these out, you can stack them!"
Grandma and Grandpa went on a cruise to the Panama Canal and brought some hats back for Trigg and I...they were a big hit!
 After nap time, Piper and Trigg hanging out with Grandpa!
 Morgan's turn on Grandpa's lap!
 "Grandpa, did you get a Panama hat when you were there?...I might like to try that on!"
 The dudes
 Trigg with Grandpa's Panama hat!
 Heather, myself, Piper, Morgan and Christa hanging out on the couch!
It would be Thanksgiving weekend without picking out our Christmas tree!  Here it is, we were looking for a tall and skinny tree...this one should work great!
We had a great Thanksgiving, there is some much that we are thankful for this year! 
Heather hit a few stores on black Friday...Christmas here we come!