Friday, September 30, 2011

Crafts and more!

So we have been busy crafting and got a ton made. We made a bunch of these fabric wrapped words. We wrapped "home", "fall", "boo" with fall colors and "hope", "home" and "fa la la" with Christmas colors.
We also made these slatted signs with both Christmas themes and home themes.

We also wrapped a bunch of galvanized buckets with fabric. We sealed them so they can go outside or be kept inside. Great for gifts, planting plants in or for storage!

We also launched a new website for our crafts, check us out at Rooted.

Also, if you want to check out our crafts in person, they will be at the Pumpkin Ranch in Winterset!


It's a yearly tradition with Heather's family to go to Adventureland, this summer was crazy for everyone, so we ended up heading to Adventureland on the last day of the season. It turned out to be a great day!
Grandma Doreen, Nathan, Chad and Aaron headed to the Galleon first...Aaron wasn't too sure about the flying ship.
...but Nathan loved it!

Next Papa Brent and Nathan got swung around in the "de Flinger"! Despite his frown in this picture, Brent was actually smiling and laughing most of the time!

Then for a ride in a hot air balloon.

Aaron got up his courage to fly an airplane.

...but had a little trouble getting it off the ground.

Before the day was over, we all took a ride in the Giant Skywheel.

Heather couldn't ride the rides because she is pregnant, I couldn't ride the rides because I just had surgery 2 days before...but we both could ride the train!

All aboard!

The whole crew!

Big thanks to Grandma Great for the tickets, the tradition continues!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Doreen

I am a little late in posting this, but for Doreen's birthday this year, we met up with the Pella VL's for diner at Red Rosa followed by some bowling! The pizza was excellent, as always.
We got to the bowling alley just in time for laser bowling, black lights and everything!
Nathan showing his little brother how to bowl...

Brent steps up to the lane and knocks the pins down.

Nathan and I discussed the best way to throw a bowling ball.

Heather and baby showed us how it's done...yes, that is a baby not a bowling ball

Aaron sends his ball down the lane with a little help from the ramp.

Nathan and his green ball

...and a victory dance!

Nathan shows Heather how to properly dance in the bowling alley!

Happy Birthday Doreen, we had a great time celebrating!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Review: Secure Daughters Confident Sons

I just finished reading Secure Daughters Confident Sons by Glenn T. Stanton and I thought the book was fantastic. In this book, Stanton address the issue of gender differences and how those shape us, our kids, and our families. Everyone is different, but when you boil it down, you are either a boy or a girl.He then jumps into the topics of what makes a good man and woman. Granted the list is not all inclusive, but he hits on major issues.
For me, as I am preparing to become a father, the section on what makes a good man was very good. Stanton reminds us that good men seldom develop naturally, we must intentionally teach boys to become good men. One way we can do this, as father's, is to invite our boys into manhood. Stanton explains that for boys, mom should be the "corrector," the one who says, "No, boys don't act like that." Dad should be the "inviter," the one who says, "Hey, buddy, when I was a boy, I loved to dress up like a safari hunter," and then lead him in that direction. Let the boy have the opportunity to be welcomed and invited into his father's world of manhood by his father.
Stanton then goes into the topic of what boys need most followed with what girls need most. He talks about the journey to manhood and how parents must recognize the journey and encourage our boys through the various stages, struggles and successes. Similarly, parents need to be aware of the metamorphosis to womanhood.
In part two of the book, he turns from what the kids need and look at the differences in parents. Stanton looks at the difference between mom and dad and how those differences influence development in children.
All in all, this was a great book, I ended up taking 9 pages of notes while reading this book, too much to fit into a book review! I would highly recommend it to parents with kids at any age. Stanton covers a lot of material spanning childhood development into adulthood.