Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week (Month) in Review

March has flown by and I haven't done a very good job of making it's time to play "catch-up"! 
Trigg got a new book in the mail from Rob and Erin for his birthday, The Boogie Monster!  And it came with fun "Boogie" leg warmers to help dance around the kitchen.

Trigg thinks these fuzzy legs are pretty awesome!
While we had the Boogie Monster legs on, we should also have on the Tickle Monster mits!
Mom found some Easter egg trays in the dollar spot at Target, so she froze some strawberry yogurt for a frozen snack!
Cold and tasty!
Trigg has been a big help with the bathroom project.  He loves to climb inside the new vanity...
Once he gets inside, he sits down, reaches for the door...
...and closes himself in.  Give a little "knock-knock" and he will open the door back up!

He also likes to wedge himself between the toilet and the tub, there is just enough room that he can back himself in!
Last weekend, Trigg had his first big boy hair cut!  Deanna (at DeeDa's Salon) did a great job cutting his hair and Trigg did a great job of sitting still (with the help of a donut!)
...although by the end, he was ready to be done!
Mom found the idea on Pinterest to make some sensory toys for Trigg to play with and he loves it!
Marshmallows, pennies, pasta, marbles and cotton balls!
This kept him busy for a good 10 minutes! (which in the world of a toddler, 10 minutes is a long time!)
Trigg found my big headphones in the basement and was rockin' out!
The window for the bathroom arrived this past Friday, so Papa Brent came over on Sunday to help me install it!  Old window with the new one!
Just for the record, this was March 24th that we put in the new window and the snow was falling!
We only needed about 2 hours and the new window was fully installed and ready to go!
Once the new window was in, I kept working on the tile!
My helper was close by, ready to lend a helping hand!
After a hard days work, the dudes decided to take a little break...
...and watch Cars!  Zoom, zoom, zoom...
Trigg loves his books and lately he loves climbing on things (the couch, the chairs, Mom, you name it...), Mom found him the other day combining both of his loves, he climbed up on the coffee table to read some of his book!
Well, that pretty much wraps up the month of March, April is right around the corner and with it comes spring and melting snow (hopefully!). 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week in Review

We got a lot of snow this week...around 10 or 11 inches!  Trigg and Mom wanted to play in the snow but it was too cold to go outside, so they brought the snow inside!  Ice cube bin full of snow + measuring cups + spoons = fun!
 Trigg even loved eating the snow with his bulldozer spoon!
 It's all fun...until you dump a scope of snow onto yourself...than it's tears!
 Trigg's molars are coming in and this week was a doozie!  He was feeling crumby and spiked a little fever...
 Thankfully, his fever didn't last too long and he bounced back...hanging out in his fort!
 We're all ready for spring around here, Trigg too!  He found his swing in the basement and crawled in hoping for a "push"...
 The bathroom project continues, the walls got painted a dark brown.
 Here's another look at the paint color...
 ...and new tile is starting to go up in the shower.
 Trigg is very helpful in the kitchen, he usually plays in the cabinets and pulls out different spices...
 well, he was being a help and found the sage, apparently the sage wasn't closed tightly...
 Trigg got covered in sage!  Better than hot chili pepper!
Well that sums up our week, March is here and I am hoping spring is around the corner!