Thursday, October 14, 2010

Piper Lynn

Last Friday afternoon, as Heather and I were heading to Chicago, I got a call from my sister informing me that I was an uncle again! Piper Lynn, my newest niece. Heather and I headed down to Indianola last night to see the little bundle of joy.
Proud Grandpa Tom and Piper hanging out on the couch together.
I got a chance to hold Piper...she is only 5 days old, that's crazy!
Morgan is adjusting well to being a big sister, she and Auntie Heather were making silly faces!
...and more silly faces!
Then Morgan and I had a little jam session.
...followed up with a tickle fight!
We had a great time visiting our new niece, she is a very happy baby. Morgan gave us a tour of Piper's is adorable, good work! What a blessing that little girl is and we can't wait to watch her grow and teach her cool things that only aunt's and uncle's can teach!

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