Friday, February 18, 2011

Cone of Shame

Last week Thursday was d-day for Riley. We finally got her into Brett the Vet to get her cherry eye fixed. We woke early Thursday morning to be in Pella by 7:30am, Riley was calm and cool for the entire car ride until she spotted DQ on the corner across from the Vet's office and it was down hill from there. She busted out the cries and the claws. It was awful...I hope our kids don't cry when we leave them places...I'll be a mess. We left Riley in good hands and Seth and I got to enjoy a day in Pella hanging with family and friends. When we returned to the vet to gather our sweet little pooch and were excited to see that yes indeed the cone of shame would be sleeping at our house. Riley's eye looks much better and is healing slowly but she really hates wearing the "lamp shade." She'll run it into our legs to remind us of her sufferings...needless to say Seth and I have some nice scratches on our legs but it's all worth it to not see that nasty cherry in her eye anymore.
Aren't they so cute!

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Pella VL's said...

Nathan will be so pleased to see that you've finally "fixed her owie eye" :)