Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week (Month) in Review

So it has been a little bit of a roller coaster at our house over the past month...it's official, our house sold!  We closed on our house on May 17th...
 ...so there was a lot of packing to be done!  Trigg was a big help with packing and boxing up his toys!
 Trigg and I ran in the Klompen Classic together at the beginning of May, after the run, Trigg found my "running" shoes and was running around the house!
 We had some crazy weather at the beginning of the month...2 days of snow!  Trigg took advantage of the snow in May and we got to play in the snow!
 Bbrrrrrr.....it's cold!
 But the snow melted pretty quick and the temps jumped back up into the 70's, 80's and we even saw 95 degrees already!  We headed down to Water Works park to see all the blooming trees!
 Smiles for spring!
 We haven't found a new home to move into yet so in the interim, Heather's folks opened up their basement to us!  Saturday was a beautiful day, so we got outside to do some yard work.  After watering the plants, Trigg got a lesson on how to drink from a water hose!
 ...he got a few pretty good sips but mainly started laughing as soon as the water hit his lips!
 He got the hang of it in the end...
 ...but I think he ended up with more water on his shirt than what he drank...
 ...but he didn't mind, and with the temperature around 85...we didn't mind either!

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