Thursday, January 2, 2014


With Baby Boy/Baby Brother on the way, it was time to put the nursery together.  There was a lot of work o do and a quickly approaching deadline to get it done!  Here is what the room looked like when we moved in, very blue.
Walls primed and new white trim installed.
Crib and room are both in pieces...time to assemble
First I painted the upper section of the wall 1 shade darker gray than Trigg's room.  Then I tacked up sheets of masonite hardboard cut at 5 feet tall.  That wrapped around the room.  Then I added the top board, 1x4 leftover trim, pre-primed mdf board.
I then primed the masonite boards and tacked up the "batten" or the vertical boards.  For those I used 1x3 mdf pre-primed boards.
I spaced them at every 16 inches to make sure I covered my seems of masonite board.
Then I sealed all my seams where the boards meet the wall and painted everything with a fresh coat of white, I used Valspar Swiss Coffee.
Assembled the crib with a little help from Trigg, brought in the chair...
Hung some curtains...
We hung some small floating shelves on the wall to hold pictures and books, got out the Nap Nanny
Added some splashes of orange and blue, hung up a magnet board
A few more floating shelves on the other side of the room...
And we've got ourselves a nursery.
Now Baby Brother has a place to sleep when he arrives!

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