Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween - Dusty Crophopper

Trigg really wanted to be Dusty Crophopper for Halloween, well, at least Dusty's pilot.  I love a challenge, so I got to work.  For those not familiar with Disney's movie Planes, here is a picture of Dusty Crophopper.
 I started with a box, I taped in shut and cut holes for Trigg to fit through.  Then I modified the back to look like a planes tail and rudder.
 Next I added some wings...
 and then had Trigg give it a test run to see if we were headed down the right path.
 Next I added orange, white and blue tape.  Made a propeller for the front...
 With such a wing span, Trigg couldn't "fly" inside very well so we had another test flight out in the driveway.
 Lastly, I added the "7" to the wings and to the tail.  Heather found this great pilots hat, with goggles to complete the outfit!
And we flew around our neighborhood gathering way too much candy!

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