Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fishing Trip to the North Woods

Since I was about Trigg's age, my family has gone up to northern Minnesota for a week of fishing in June.  I haven't been up there for probably 10 years and I thought this year Trigg is old enough to go on a fishing adventure!  So we made the 6.5 hour trip up north with my parents and my grandpa to Green Valley Resort outside of Nevis, MN!
First morning on the lake...here we go!
 All the boys loaded up and ready for some fishing
 4 generations in the boat and on the lake.
 Trigg was really excited to ride in the boat and give fishing a try.  Earlier this spring, we created a chore chart and if he unloaded the silverware 10 times, he would earn a shopping trip to find a new fishing pole.  Well, he put away the silverware and diligently checked off each box to earn that fishing pole...
 ...and sure enough, he caught the first fish on the fishing trip with his new pole!
 He was really excited...even when the fish wiggles and flopped around.
 He caught blue gills and crappies like a true fisherman!
 We had great weather and Trigg had fun out on the boat
 Grandma even caught some fish!
 There was plenty to do besides fishing, there was a playground right in front of our cabin that had a fun swing set...Trigg figured out how to swing like Superman...
 "Dad, look...I'm flying!"
 We also took daily trips around the lake on the paddle boats.  Trigg brought his bug net and we were able to catch dragonflies, snail shells and some lily pads...
 We managed to cover most of the lake on that little paddle boat!
 We even found a turtle!
 Hanging out in the cabin was pretty fun too...we made a train track with our Go Fish cards and chugged some trains around the table!
We headed back home on Wednesday and left Grandpa and Great-Grandpa there to do some more fishing.  Grandma made the return trip with us.  3 days of fishing was about the right amount of time, we both were starting to get a little home sick, it helped that we were able to have daily FaceTime chats with Mom and Garrett!  We had a great time in the north woods and are already talking about our fishing trip next year!

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