Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fall in Review

Now that it's almost Christmas, I am getting caught up on the ol' blog.  We had a great fall at our house, playing in the leaves, carving pumpkins, picking apples and enjoying the changing of the seasons!  
We have one maple tree in our front yard that drops the right amount of leaves, just enough to build a leaf pile to jump in, and that's just what we did!
The boys had fun raking up the leaves and throwing them in the air!
We carved a pumpkin for Halloween and this year the boys decided to carve a "happy" pumpkin!
First things first, hollow out the pumpkin.  Trigg wasn't too sure about the pumpkin guts...
but he did manage to get his hands dirty pulling out the seeds!
Garrett wanted a closer look at this pumpkin to see what Trigg was laughing about!
Time to get down to business of carving our happy pumpkin.
And the finished product!
We had Lighting McQueen and an elephant costumes this year for trick-or-treating!
Smiles ready, pumpkin glowing and a shy elephant...
...here we go!
For Trigg's birthday, we spent the day at Center Grove Orchard
Trigg loved the corn pit...and it made Garrett cry
Garrett's tears quickly turned to smiles as he found a tractor just his size!
Trigg took his tractor for a spin too
We found some goats to feed
and played in the storybook village!
These pedal carts were awesome!
We took several laps around the track on these carts...
...and of course a slide made from a field culvert!
Fall went really fast and Christmas will be here soon!

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