Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jed & Sarah's Engagement Party

Heather's good friend Sarah is engaged to be married to Jed, how exciting! We are both so excited for Sarah and this new stage of life she is entering into, so excited that we threw a party for her and Jed to celebrate their engagement!
We started off the night with some games. The first one is called "Name Game", everybody playing writes down three nouns that relate to the theme...our theme was Sarah and Jed's wedding. Then a player has 30 seconds to get his/her team to guess as many words as possible, that is the first round. After all the words have been guessed you put them back into bowl and start the second round, you only get to use one word for your team to guess. Then the third round is no words...only actions.
Joe trying his hardest to get the Eric and Jed to guess his word.
The girls get a laugh out of the guys team...
...the third round is pretty funny to watch as you try to act out "honeymoon"
Joe has his game face on as it is his turn again.After the "Name Game" we snapped a group picture before the games got too heated...
The next game was "Just Dance" on the Wii, head to head competition. Sarah and Jed start things off.
Joe and Jill are getting warmed up...
Justin and Allison get into the swing of things!
Kelly and Eric battling it out for the top score.
Jess seems to be stunned by Sarah's show stopping skills.
Kelly and Jill show off their dance moves!
Sarah and Jill are completely focused as the competition heats up.
Sarah ended up winning the competition, which makes sense because she has been dancing since she was about 4 days old! After the competition Sarah and Jed opened up some gifts and we called it a night.

Congratulations Jed and Sarah, we are so excited for both of you and we are jazzed that we can celebrate you guys!

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