Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dance Party in the OC

This past weekend, Heather and I headed up to Orange City to celebrate Rob's 30th birthday. We got there Friday night, so that Rob and Erin could go out to dinner with some friends and go see one of Rob's favorite local bands, Damon Dotson, play in Sioux City. Nathan came up with us on Friday, so Heather and I hung out with the kids Friday night. We started the night off with a dance party! Karys showing us her "rocker" moves!Gracie's turn to shake and move.
Nathan showing the two girls how he likes to dance!
Heather joined in on the air guitar!
Then they were all jumping around...
When the next song came on, Nathan said to Heather, "This is a kids only song, you don't dance to this song" I think Karys is doing the "robot".
After the dance party, I had an idea...let's build a fort. That was a big hit!
Everybody loves a fort...even dogs love forts!
The whole crew at the entrance to the fort.
After playing hard and a few battle wounds, it was time to wind down, read a book and head to bed!

We had a great time chasing after these kiddos for the night, there was plenty of laughs and they definitely have a lot of energy.

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