Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 4th of July

4th of July was packed full with family fun - Saturday we headed to Pella for some family time with the Strouds and Pella VL's. We hit the pool, grilled burgers, played baseball, and caught some fireworks...of course. I love summer days, the pool, summer food, my summer wardrobe, and outdoor activities. So I tried to include them all in one day...didn't do too bad I would say. We had a blast playing catch in the backyard along with riding ponies. Oh yes and just in case your wondering Nathan has some mad baseball skills - who needs t-ball. He's already swinging the metal bats.
America's favorite past time......
How many of you had one of these sweet plastic ponies growing up? I for ol'time sake i decided to saddle up but Nathan wasn't sure I knew how to ride the ol'stallion. So we both saddled up...
Best Buddies....this is after Nathan had been hit in the face twice with the baseball (by his dad). He is one tough kid
Me and my momma watching fireworks - see any resemblances....
We had a great time celebrating
America's birthday as a family....Happy 4th of July!

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