Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Aaron

Wednesday was officially Aaron Paul's first birthday. Heather and I headed to Pella to celebrate with the Pella VL's on his big day. When we got there, Aaron was already rocking out on the drums!
Aaron shows Auntie Heather his drumming skills.
We brought the little man a little gift...Nathan really wanted to help his little brother open his gift, but he waited patiently while Aaron peeled away the paper.
"No way!" Aaron exclaimed, "A harmonica and a green crazy ball...this is just what I wanted!"
Auntie Heather and Aaron test out the green ball.
We had a true summer meal...BLT's, watermelon and corn on the cob!
After supper, Nathan got into a "dance" mood. He had me play his guitar while he danced...
...and dance he did!
This dance got so wild, his shirt came off! (I did not teach him that)
Aaron was enthralled with his older brother, he even gave him a round of applause!
After the dance party, we had a little Jersey Freeze Ice Cream...twist, of course! These two gave me their best "silly" face.
Aaron really enjoyed his ice cream too!
After the ice cream, we played Aaron's favorite game...Empty the Laundry Basket. Nathan challenged his little brother to race..."Oh no you didn't just challenge me" Aaron says/thinks.
...and their off.
Aaron goes for the "over the head" method, but then remembers he has a big melon after the towel hits him in the face.
Nathan again takes his shirt off as he gets down to business of throwing some towels!
After the games...Aaron, wanting to be like his big brother, takes his shirt off (seriously guys, what are you teaching these kids?) As we get ready to head home, we snap a quick picture with our two favorite nephews!
Happy Birthday AP...we love you and can't wait for your joint party to celebrate some more!

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