Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Balloons (part 1)

This week in the National Balloon Classic down in Indianola. Being from Indianola, the balloons have always been a part of my summer. For many years I crewed for a balloon and I still love going and watching the balloons fly. My dad serves on the executive board, so I guess you could say "hot air" is in the family!
We invited the Pine's and Siskow's down to Indianola to take in the balloons.
Here I am explaining to Isaiah the thermodynamics involved in hot air ballooning and how balloons are able to fly...he seems interested!
Dawn, Heather and Joni are all smiles as we wait for the balloons to fly!
While we wait, Evan shares a Cheez-It with Isaiah...sharing is caring!
Isaiah keeps his eyes peeled on the horizon because this night, the balloons are flying into the field!
Derek, Isaiah, Evan and Miya go for a train ride!
A few of the special shape balloons inflate on the field to give us a show...Aaron is busy counting his money (as usual)!
To try and beat the heat, Joni and Heather found some Big Boppers!
...and here come the balloons! Flying right over our heads.The Pine's get a family picture.
...and the Siskow's
...and the Comfort's!
Heather and Joni watch in amazement as the balloons fly into the field.
My dad, proving that he does work while he is at the balloon field, rolls up in his Gator!
Another balloon flies right over us!
This year there are 107 balloon's registered to fly. If you have a chance, I would highly recommend driving down to Indianola to check them out...I have seen them fly every year for the past 20 years and I still don't get tired of seeing them fly. Maybe someday I will be flying a balloon myself (wouldn't that be the bee's knee's)!

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the other comforts said...

Hey Seth and Heather--Love to look at the blog. Your pictures are fun and keep me in the loop. You failed to mention how hot it has been on the field--just more of that hot air. Love, Mom