Thursday, August 5, 2010

Balloons (part 2)

We headed down to Indianola with the Pella VL's for another hot evening of balloons! We had a ton of fun hanging out with Chad, Shay and the boys and watching the balloons fly in.
Heather and Aaron swing in circles...both laughing and having fun!
Nathan points out the first balloons starting to inflate!
These are two "ride" balloons that get ready to take off from the field.
More balloons start to inflate on the field...this evening 1/2 of the balloons took off from the balloon field while the other 1/2 flew into the field.
Adding some heat...
The Pella VL's
My sister and Morgan were also out at the field...Morgan watches the sky as the balloons start to fly our way!
Aaron is also keeping watch as he sees the balloons flying through the air!
One of the "special shape" balloons this year...a pirate in a barrel.
Heather and Aaron get into a tickle fight watching the balloons.
...with the temps around 95 and the heat index about 103, we melted in the the Pella VL's headed home and as we were leaving we could see more and more balloons, so we pulled into Pickard Park (across the street from the field and watch a few more balloons)
A classic Indianola scene...hay bale and balloons!
Again, we had a great time in Indianola watching the hot air balloons, we always do! We enjoyed hanging out with the Pella VL's, even though we were all a sweaty mess by the time we left.

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