Monday, April 25, 2011

New Tattoo

For my 30th birthday, I asked for money for a new tattoo! I had been thinking about this idea for a few years now. I already have a tattoo on my chest. It is a portrait of Christ with a crown of thorns and it covers my heart...symbolizing the Christ guards my heart.
My idea for this tattoo was an olive tree, that would almost intertwine with my tattoo on my chest and wrap around my shoulder. Here is a picture for the olive tree outlined (I took this picture in the mirror, so it is a reverse image).
...and here is the tree with color!

Here you can see how the two tattoo interact with each other. To me, it symbolizing that through Christ's death, we are given new life. The tree is dead on the front and then as it wraps around my arm, the green or new life appears! The olive tree is also symbolic, the olive tree is used in the Bible to symbolize God's children, as Christians we are grafted into God's family!

Budha, my tattoo artist and myself after the color and shading session!
Budha did a fantastic job with this tattoo, I was very impressed with him and his shop. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the future! His shop is Iron Heart Tattoo, right up the street in Beaverdale!

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