Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Running with Alan Webb

The Drake Relays are right around the corner and that brings track & fields finest athletes to Iowa. One of those such athletes is Alan Webb, he holds the American record in the mile at 3.46. He was in town Tuesday to promote the Grand Blue Mile and the runners who run over the lunch hour downtown got a chance to run with him. I gave a big thumbs up to be in the background of a photo with him, Rob Best took matters into his own hands... ...and we got a group SCRC photo with Alan Webb!
And we were off to run a loop around Gray's Lake.
This event brought the finest out of the wood work, Cindy Elsbernd, Martin Popp, Ryan Elsbernd and Joe Aulwes, just to name a few...
On the way back, Greg and Joe got to pick Webb's brain and ask him about his training.
After the run, he stuck around to snap some photos, I am all smiles standing next to an American record holder!
Webb noticed my new tattoo and pointed it out to his wife, Webb is wanting to get some ink done in the future!
It was a great event and a great way for some local runners to rub elbows with one of America's finest runner! He will be back in town April 26th competing in the Grand Blue Mile, be sure to come out and show your support!

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