Sunday, June 12, 2011

Riley's new toy

We went to a friend's garage sale last week and got a ton of baby stuff (thanks Elizabeth!), as we were unpacking the garage sale finds, we found a green bouncy dice at the bottom of the bag. Heather bounced it on the floor and discovered that it lights up. Riley instantly fell in love!
She chews on that little dice and makes it light up. She will paw at it...

she grabs it in her mouth and then tosses it in the air...

so far, it has been hours of fun for her and lots of entertainment for us!

We are hoping Elizabeth's kids don't notice that this green dice is missing because we would have to pry it from Riley's jaws to return it!

1 comment:

the Cavens said...

That is TOO funny! I'm so glad you found the dice...and I won't be telling the kids so tell Riley to enjoy his new toy. :)