Friday, July 15, 2011

July 4th Adventure (part 1 of 3)

Over the 4th of July weekend, Heather and I took a small tour of the Midwest. We started our trip off with a drive up to northwest Iowa to see the OC VL's and the latest addition to their family, Toby!
We brought the kiddos a 4th of July goodie basket that included some we thought we should test them out!

Gracie, Karys and Heather making bubbles in the front yard.

Rob and Toby checking out all the action.

Addy was super excited to show off her new bike!

...and she has been practicing her "silly face", its getting pretty good!

As the sun went down, the lightening bugs came out and the girls are really good at catching them.

We also brought some sparklers...nothing says Happy Birthday America like a good sparkler!

Or if you slow down the shutter speed, it looks like a fireball!

Heather and Karys trying some sparklers!

...having lots of fun! Unfortunately, one of the sparkler ends fell off and Karys stepped on it with her bare foot and burned it. That put an end to the sparklers, but Karys was a trooper and after running some cold water on her foot she let her mom apply some ointment and a bandage and she was as good as new!

While Rob and Erin were tending to Karys' foot, Auntie Heather got to hold Toby...and put him right to sleep! (Hopefully she has the magic touch to put infants to sleep!)

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