Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A couple weeks ago, I took off from work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Heather and I had a little "stay-cation". We did have a trip planned, but with the baby on the way and lots of house projects on my list, we stayed at home and got some things done!
1st project: living room. I pulled all the stuff off the walls, moved everything into the center of the room...
...I also patched the cracks in the plaster. When we did the window project, some cracks appeared after we had to cut out the old windows. Using some tape and mud...

...and some spray texture, the cracks disappeared!

On the west wall, we extended the green from the kitchen...

I wasn't too worried about edging the ceiling because we installed crown molding.

The rest of the walls got painted Mark Twain House Gold from Lowe's

We added the crown molding and crown corner blocks to give the room a nice finished look!

2nd Project: Shutters

Last fall, we had a painting party and got the outside of the house painted in one day with the help of a lot of friends! I have been wanting to make some shutters for the new windows and now I had some time! Here is a before picture...

...and another before picture.

The shutters are pretty simple, constructed out of 1x4's, two coats of paint and a coat of poly.

...and here they are, installed on the house.

I really like the looks of them and I think they make a big difference!

We got a lot of work done in a few days off and had a lot of fun too! You might be wondering what Riley did while all these house projects were going on...she was in her typical place, on the couch sleeping!

...the next project, the nursery!


Beard said...

Excellent shutters! Is pup wearing a Snuggie?

The Orange Jeep Dad said...

Way to get some work done! I've been doing house projects lately and posting them on my blog. One thing's for sure though, I hate painting. Taping off is not my strong point.

Thanks for the shutter idea.

the Cavens said...

You guys are amazing! You got so much done! Can't wait to see what you're putting together for the nursery. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing