Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Piper!

A day before Trigg was born we celebrated my niece Piper's 1st birthday! I am a big fan of making my own birthday cards so I made one for Piper! Using some twine, some fun paper and a Sharpie...
...I was able to create a Happy Birthday card with mini-pennants!

I customized the envelope with a "P" for Piper!

The party had a fall theme, naturally with her birthday in October!

This was Piper's first experience eating cake...she was a little hesitant to dig in.

Her older sister Morgan thought she could help her out with some encouragement!

By the end...she loved it!

Wade, Christa, Morgan and the birthday girl!

After getting cleaned up, Piper was showing Heather her tricks..."How big is Piper?" So BIG! (Who would have thought 12 hours later Heather's water would break!)

Morgan was playing with a orange balloon and wanted to let it go outside, but didn't want it to fly away. She and Grandpa were discussing what would happen if she would let go of the balloon. Morgan wanted to see it fly, but also come back to her...that gave Grandpa an idea...

Tie the balloon to his fishing pole...let the balloon fly into the sky and then reel it back in!

There goes the balloon over the neighbors shed...

...and back into the hands of Morgan!

We had a great time celebrating Piper turning 1! Lots of good food and fun with the family! Happy Birthday Piper!


Margaret said...

I love the idea of tying the balloon to the fishing line. I'm going to remember that!

Christa said...

You got some great pictures! I'll have to save them to my computer at home. Thanks for celebrating with us! Piper can't wait to meet her new cousin and give him a big kiss!