Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week in Reveiw

Another week is in the books!  We had a pretty quiet week around here, nothing too exciting.  
Monday nights Mom has Bible study with a group of gals, that means Monday nights are "Dudes Night".  You never know what kind of adventures Trigg and I will find, this past Monday we were super heroes..complete with capes!
 What's that?  Riley's in trouble...let's go help her!!!
 ....and off we go!
 This week we also had a few days with temps in the 50's, the city workers took advantage of the warm weather and came down our street and cleaned up all the broken limbs that had fallen in the last snow storm.
 Trigg loved watching the big trucks, the chainsaws and the excavators at work!
That pretty much sums up our week...Trigg keeps taking more and more steps on his own, it's hard to believe we have a "walker" on our hands!

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