Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week in Review

We are already into our first week of 2013!  Heather and I rang in the New Year with some friends at Americana downtown!  It started with 4 couples but due to the flu and other illness, we ended up hanging out with the Pines.  We got all dressed up to celebrate 2013!  
 The Pines ringing in the new year!
 We also celebrated a new year with a new car seat for Trigg!  We did a lot of research and ended up getting the Combi Zeus 360.  So far it is a great car seat, easy to use and Trigg loves facing forward and watching traffic!
 We needed a new seat because Trigg is getting "so BIG"!
 I think Trigg was even more excited to get a big box, and what does one do with such a big box...make a fort!
 One of Trigg's favorite activities is to pull his books off his bookshelf and thumb through's so cute!
 Trigg also likes to explore the lazy susan in the many spices...
 Trigg enjoying some toast for breakfast..."no need to cut it into small bites, I will eat it like a big boy!"
 We added a window/mail slot to the was a big hit!
 Trigg and Mom headed to the mall to mall walk one morning, Trigg has been battling a cold and by the time they got home, we had one tuckered out boy, so he grabbed a power nap on the couch!
 We finished off the week once again clearing the books off our bookshelf!
What a great week, 2013 is here and we have been thinking to what this year will bring...we already have a few new house projects underway and a bathroom project right around the will be spring before we know it!

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the Cavens said...

We have that same car seat! You will love it!
Trigg is getting so big! He's adorable!