Monday, February 25, 2013

Week in Review (a couple weeks)

I dropped the ball with the updates last week...oh well, on we go!  We have a fun Valentines dinner with special guests: 2 little dudes and 1 young lady!  Chad and Shay were in town and went out for dinner so we offered to have dinner with their kiddos too!  Heather put together some great "goodie" bags for the kiddos to take home with them!
Fun-fetti cupcakes complete with pink frosting!
Heart cut sandwiches, strawberries, carrots and chips...who wouldn't love it!
Even small sandwich for the little ones!
Camille was excited for supper!
Nathan, at the table and ready to eat!
Aaron, enjoying his food!
Trigg enjoying all the company at the dinner table!
Here I am enjoying a great spread!
Mom, decked out in pink for V-day!  We had a lot of fun celebrating Valentines day.
Trigg keeps getting taller, but can still fit in his "fort" under the table.
Trucks, trains, cars...all can join in the fun in the fort!
Bathroom project is making headway...floor is installed and toilet is back in and working!
Vanity, counter top, sink and mirror are also installed, hooked up and working!  I finished painting and now it is on to the shower!
Heather had the idea of making "Our House Rules", she found this chalk board at TJ Maxx (yes she is a Maxxenista) and we put this together the other night.
Trigg keeps learning new tricks everyday...his latest uses this squishy green golf ball...
...and he figured out how to hold it with his teeth!
Well, that sums up our week, can't believe that we are into the last week in February...hopefully spring is right around the corner!

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the Cavens said...

The bathroom is looking great! WOW!