Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week in Review

Welcome to February!  Hard to believe that January has come and gone...hopefully spring is right around the corner.  
The bathroom project continues this week...Trigg is being a big helper with the new vanity!
"Let's get this thing installed Dad!"
All tuckered out from running errands with Mom....
...time to catch a quick nap on the couch!
Rockin' the jammies and playing with my cars, doesn't get much better than that!
Vroom, vroom!
Thursday morning it was -6 degrees with a wind chill of -20...too cold.  Our storm door got ice crystals all over.  Here is a picture looking out the front door window, I don't know about you, but I saw a cross made from the ice!
Saturday morning, Mom went to help Grandma Doreen with a meeting so Trigg and I had a "Dudes" morning...and what do two guys do on a cold morning?  We had a car show!
We got all the cars lined up: race cars, tractors, dump trucks, trains...
What a show!
The Dudes
Trigg has really taken a liking to his books lately (even more than normal).  I got him up from his nap and instead of wanting to go have a snack, he just wanted to read books!
After snack time...books!  All I can say is "Atta boy!"
Well, that's a wrap on our week.  We still have snow covering the ground, but hopefully some warmer weather on the way!

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Beard said...

Ha, mom returned home and asked if you got through the honey-do list. Uncomfortable pause, you told her you were busy. She asks what's the deal with the 15-ft line of trucks lined up in the living room, cough.

You're a good dad, keep it up.