Monday, April 15, 2013


I am a little behind on the blog posts, we have been a little busy around here, so we will play a little catch up!  
We had a great Easter.  Saturday we celebrated up in Ankeny with Heather's family.  We started off the fun with an Easter egg hunt!  Trigg was more excited that the egg's doubled as shakers!
 He did a great job at finding the eggs...
 ...even the one hidden deep inside some plants!
 His cousin's did a great job of finding the eggs too...everyone had a great time!
 ...found another one behind the chair!
 We headed to church Saturday evening for the Easter service (hoping to avoid some of the crowds).  All dressed up for Easter!
 Sunday we headed down to Indianola to celebrate with my family.  Trigg was warmed up for another Easter egg hunt!
 Digging into his Easter basket he found lots of goodies!  Thanks Grandma!
 We got the cousin's to sit by each other and smile...the hard part was getting them to smile at the same time!
 I think this one is as close as we got!
 Happy Easter!

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