Monday, April 15, 2013

Week in Review (catch up)

It has been a busy past few weeks around here, lots going on but let me give you a few highlights.  
Trigg...what is that you are reading?
 Daddy's "Actuarial Review" magazine...if that doesn't warm your heart I don't know what would!
 Shoes...who's shoes are those?
 "Dada's"  About once a day, Trigg will find a pair of shoes or slippers, usually not his, and try them on and shuffle through the's adorable!
 With the warmer weather, Trigg has wanted to play outside...but that tends to wear him out quicker...lunch time after a morning of play, Trigg fell asleep in his high chair!
 We got that bathroom project wrapped up, here are two "before" pictures...
 Old floor, gross tile in the shower and an old window...
This is what I look like after cutting 34 tiles with the wet saw...
 ...but here is what the bathroom looks like once all those tiles have been installed!
 Done!  And just in time...
We put our house on the market last Friday, April 5th.  We got it all cleaned up and looking great, had two showings Friday evening and got two offers Saturday morning!  We accepted an offer and sold our house less than 12 hours after we put it on the market!
 Time to start packing!  Monday night, (Dudes night) mom has Bible study, so Trigg and I get to hang out!  What are two guys to do in a basement with lots of empty boxes...built forts and tunnels!
 Trigg helped load up a box with some of his soccer balls and other stuff, what a good helper!
...and an empty bookshelf works great as a highway for cars!
 We haven't found a new house to move into yet...but we will!
Our good friend Eric stopped over last week to take a few pics of the house and the remodeled projects for his blog, hop on over to his blog to read his update and tell him "hello" Beard and Pigtails.

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