Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kerri Photography - Life is Beautiful review

Kerri is in Heather's bible study and we were given a photo session with her as a baby gift when Garrett was born from our friends the Hammer's.  Seeing a sample of her work on her website, she takes great pictures and we were looking forward to working with her.  Prior to our photo session, Kerri touched base with Heather to talk through details, let us know what to expect, check on outfits and talk about location for the session.  She was very thorough in her preparation which made for a very smooth session!
 Kerri did a great job during our photo session together.  We ended up having it at our house, that way Trigg could play with his own toys and if we needed to change a diaper we could!  She did great working with the boys.  She explained to Trigg what we were doing and answered all his questions!
Kerri also did a great job of taking both "staged" photos and candid photos.  Garrett needed a diaper change, so we told Trigg he had 5 minutes if he wanted to play with his cars...Kerri followed him in and snapped a few pics of him in his element.
A few days after our session, we went over to her studio for a viewing.  She walked us through the process and then we got to look at all the photos.  Her studio is great, she has done a great job of using the space she has.  Trigg got a little bored looking at all the photos, so Kerri grabbed some chalk and showed Trigg that the pipes and some of the walls were painted with chalkboard paint and he could draw!
Once we had the preview, we picked out the photos that we thought were keepers.  It's hard to narrow it down.  The photos are more expensive than we expected, so we had to narrow down our selections in order to stay within our budget, but we ended up with a good selection of pictures that we are very pleased with.
Our pictures came wrapped up and handled with care!
All in all, we had a good experience working with Kerri.  She did a great job with Trigg.  Her process from start to finish was great.  She is easy to work with and we are very pleased with the results!

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