Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Transition Column

We love the open layout of our house, the main level is really one big open room with stairs in the middle.  The only trick is that we didn't want to paint the main level all one color.  There a natural break of a doorway from the kitchen to the dinning room (for now...) but from the front room into the entryway it is a seamless wall.
But we wanted two different colors...so we decided to build a faux column to break those rooms apart.  We wanted it to match the trim work of the front door.  5.5 inch width with 3 fluted grooves... but you can't find that type of board anywhere.
So I set up my router table, measured for a front and back gate, set the depth and width and ran a board through.  Three straight lines later I have a matching board!
Then I built a base and top block, added some primer and paint
Installed the faux column!  It matches fairly well and makes the transition look a lot better!
What do you think?

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