Monday, October 13, 2014

3rd birthday!!!

Birthday's are a big deal in our house, we love to celebrate birthday's and make the day awesome!  We also have a standing rule that we don't work on birthday's, so we all took the day off to celebrate Trigg's birthday!
We wanted to surprise Trigg, so we rigged up a bunch of balloons...
to fall when he opened his door in the morning!
He loved it and has been playing with the balloons since!
Trigg requested Casey's donuts for breakfast
3 candles for this 3 year old!
After breakfast, Trigg and I headed to SkyZone for Toddler Time!
 We were 2 of 15 people there and had a blast jumping on the trampolines!
We stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then Heather and Trigg ran some errands in the afternoon to get Trigg's cake topper for his party (Dusty Crophopper!).
We had a "plane" themed party, complete with our own pilot!
Heather did an awesome job planning and preparing the party.  It looked great!
All set up and ready for the party
Beverage table
All set
The tables had cloud place mats with airplane center pieces.
The birthday boy!
Our "in flight" meal
Sign for "Check-In, Arrivals & Departures"
Trigg loves story time, so we read the book "Planes Fly"
Followed by a the propeller on the plane!
We got some pretty close...and some no where near the mark!
The whole flight crew after we landed safely!

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