Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Birthday Party - ONE

Our little man turned 1! So we had a party to celebrate!
 Heather did an awesome job decorating for his party.  For the mantel, we built this backdrop frame (using my Kreg Jig) and covered with it fabric, hung some colorful fans, cut out a "1" from cardboard and a "Happy Birthday" chalkboard sign.  Heather then cut out the banner to hang behind his highchair....
 there was also the "ONE" banner hanging from the front of his highchair.
 We used the monthly pictures to make this picture recap of the last year.
 And then a tall chalkboard sign with lots of fun facts about Garrett!
 Our friend Jamie made us a "1" cookie cutter and Heather made "1" rice crispy treats for the kiddos to take home after the party!
 Close up of the "1"
 "1" on the front door!
 The center pieces on the table
 ...and the seat of honor!
 Ready for my birthday cake!  Heather made a sugar free banana cake...
 ...it tasted great and Garrett loved it!
 Happy Birthday!
 After the food and cake...time to open presents!
 He was pretty excited to play with the wrapping paper and books generally grab his attention!
 More fun stuff!
 Sporting his "I AM 1" t-shirt!
Happy Birthday Garrett!  A year ago the high temperature was 5 degrees, who would have thought at your 1 year party, your cousins could play outside in a 51 degree day!
We love you buddy and can't believe how fast this past year is gone.  You are a blessing to our family and we look forward celebrating many more birthday's and decorating for many more parties!

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