Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter Fun

A few weeks ago we had a really nice day, lows in the 40's and we still had a good amount of snow on the ground, so we decided to head outside and shake off a bit of cabin fever!
 We got out our sleds and hit the hill!
 Garrett bundled up too and joined us for a ride down the hill!
 Remaining very serious the whole ride down
 With a half smile once we got the bottom!
 Then we marched back up to the top...
 ...and down again!  Trigg flew down the hill by himself...
 ...and then he would bail out at the bottom, rolling in a pile of snow and laughter!
 Trigg and I with our trusty sleds!
 And there was a little time for a snowball fight
 One more group ride down the hill!
 The dudes!  Mom did join us for the snow adventure, but she was taking the pictures and didn't get on the other side of the camera this time...

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