Thursday, August 13, 2015

Farm Cabinet Re-Do

Heather found this old farm cabinet at the Junk Jubilee that is held every year at the State Fairgrounds.  
 The cabinet was pretty beat up with some water damage on the back legs, so she got a pretty good deal on it.  Over all, it has good character and lots of I got to work!
 This picture shows kind of shows the lean the cabinet has, the back legs had gotten worn down a good 3 to 4 inches over the years, so I started with trying to fix the legs.
 I thought of several different ways to correct the leg issue and in the end I went with a new leg solution.  I used my circular saw and cut off the old legs flush with the bottom of the cabinet.  We had some legs from a coffee table that I modified to fit the cabinet.  I also pulled out the wooden door insets to be replaced with glass.
 Here is the cabinet on the operating table with 4 "new" legs!
 New legs fixed the lean!  I then sanded down the top of the cabinet to remove any old polyurethane and stain.
 Then I re-stained the top with a slightly darker finish and primed the rest of the cabinet.
 Applied a coat of new polyurethane to protect the top and buffed it smooth with some steel wool.
 Painted it with some fresh white paint and then distressed it to give the cabinet the look we want!  Lastly, I added some new pulls to the doors and drawers.
Here is the finished product installed upstairs!  Heather is on the hunt for some baskets for the shelves to complete the project.

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