Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Library - part 2

Here is where we left off with the library, we put together 5 Billy bookshelves from Ikea and added an additional row.
 Looks pretty good, but we/Heather/Pinterest had some idea's in mind to enhance this look.
 We started off with an additional row.  I re-engineered the shelf and brought the back to the front to give myself a surface to attach a light.
 Then added the rest of the row.
 We used this outdoor light that we found at Lowe's.  In the corner of the room we have an outlet that is controlled by a switch, a little rewiring and we are good to go!
 Next up, crown moulding.  We built it out to match the crown moulding above our front door.
Trigg was a big helper on this project, he climbed up the 10 foot ladder and held the other side of my 14 foot angled crown moulding board so I could tack everything in place!  Mom wasn't home, so I needed so big boy help and he stepped up (pun intended) big time!
  I taped off everything below the lights to fill and sand the seams and nail holes once it was all installed.
 Mostly complete, just quarter round to finish the bottom trim.
 One more time, here is the before picture...
 and the after picture.  Feels like a built in library now! (and photobomb by Riley...thanks pup!)

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