Thursday, February 4, 2016

2 years old!

Our little man turned 2 a few weeks back, so we celebrated with a party.  He loves fish right now, so we had a goldfish themed party!  Heather hit it out of the park with the decorations.
Here's the birthday boy!
It took a few tries, but we finally got a smile out of him!
The family!
We had the party at 9:30am and served a brunch.  For the kiddo's, fish shaped PB&J sandwiches, for the grown-ups we had hot ham and cheese sliders.
For birthday cake, we went with these cake balls.
Glenda, our cake ball lady (and yes...everyone needs a good cake ball lady), did an awesome job with these.  There are little orange Finding Nemo fruit snacks on each cake ball!
Heather put together this plate of orange fish, the fruit was for a yogurt bar...fresh fruit and granola!
Take home "Fish Food" for the kids made of gummy worms and sour gummy worms!
Garrett checking out the spread!
Heather read the book, "Not Norman, A Goldfish Story", a story about a boy and his goldfish named of Garrett's favorite books right now!
Then on to presents...
He got lots of great presents and fun books...
This one has barnyard animals and sounds!
Time to eat..."G, how are the cake balls?"
They're approved!
The kiddos also had a round of "Goldfish Games"
Using a straw, they had to send their goldfish across the finish line...
The race in action!
We got Garrett a goldfish for his birthday...
and, of course, we named it Norman.
Garrett loves to watch Norman swim around his fishbowl, everyday we say "Hello" to Norman and feed him every night!
It's hard to believe that this guys is already 2 years old!  We love you buddy and love the joy you bring to our family!

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