Friday, May 27, 2016

Bird feeder project

I don't know if you are familiar with the web site, but we are big fans.  She has a ton of different do-it-yourself projects with step by step instructions on how to build stuff.  Everything from a bird feeder to a bunk bed or fort!
Trigg wanted a project to do, so I found him plans for this bird feeder on her website
 Trigg worked through the plans marking out all the cuts.  First, I showed him how I measure and mark...
 ...then he tried it on his own!
 Garrett supervised the project!
 Once the measurements were made, I made the cuts.  Safety first...ear muffs to protect those ears!
 Next, it was time to assemble.  It was Trigg's choice if he wanted to use nails or screws.  He is a fan of the hammer, so he chose nails!  I pre-drilled the holes and he hammered everything together.
 Here is the assembled bird feeder!
 Another successful project!
 Then Trigg wanted to add some color, he had a method for his painting, each color was for a different bird that he hopes would come to the bird feeder.
Red - Cardinal
Orange - Oriole
Blue - Blue Jay
Yellow - Gold finch
We hung the feeder in the tree and filled it up with bird seed, so far it has only attracted sparrows, but they are still fun to watch!

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