Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Update - Our Summer

Wow, I haven't updated the ol' blog in a long time...so here we go, I quick update through our summer and fall.  
Celebrating Mother's Day with her two boys!
 We were rolling through the neighborhood on our bikes/trikes this summer...
 even in the rain...we toss on the rain boots and roll!
 Foster Group had a team complete this years Market to Market Relay, we had a ton of fun and finished in 3rd place in the corporate division.  Yes, we are already signed up for next year and are determined to take back the corporate crown!
 G moved out of his crib and into his big boy bed, the lower bunk of the bunk beds!
 Inspired by our trip to Legoland...we built our own test ramp!
 We also got together some friends and had soccer for twelve 5 year old boys!  It was a ton of fun and a good way to introduce these little guys to the game of soccer!
 On hot days, we got out the hose and turned our slide into a water slide!
 We splashed in the water to cool off!
 G didn't love the slide, but was content to play in the water table to keep cool.
 The end of June, Trigg and I headed up North with Grandpa, Grandma and Grandpa Great for our annual Minnesota fishing trip!
 Trigg caught several big blue gill!
 Found some fuzzy caterpillars...
 and we had lots of fun out on the paddle boat!
 Lots of smiles and lots of fish!
 We checked out the parade at Johnston Green Days...and filled our bag with candy!
 For Father's Day, we went to Big Creek and took out the paddle boat...
 ...and the boys got me Nerf guns...epic battles have followed!
 Trigg took swim lessons again and once we equipped him with goggles...
 he did awesome!
 It wouldn't be summer without showing off our muscles...suns out, guns out!
 Trigg flexing for the camera!
 Reiman Garden, in Ames, once again had a massive Lego display, so we headed to check out the flowers...
 and all the Lego's!  Butterfly made from Lego's
 A huge dragon fly made from Lego's
 We had a great time looking for all the sculptures...Garrett didn't love getting into the tall grass!
 Summer fun!
 Decked out in red, white and blue for the 4th of July!
Having some fun with sparklers!
...and of course, glow sticks while we watch the fireworks!
Shortly after that, we had our own fireworks with the arrival of Blythe! 2 super excited big brothers!
Having two boys, we aren't exactly sure what to do with a girl...but we are figuring it out!
Trigg made the sweetest sign to welcome Mom and Blythe home from the hospital!
I took two weeks off from work to help everyone get adjusted to a house of 5!
The dudes had fun (and those 2 weeks flew by)...
...to be continued!

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