Monday, January 26, 2009

Alumni Indoor Track Meet

Friday evening, Heather and I headed back to our old stomping ground of Central College. The track team holds a yearly indoor alumni track meet. Basically, it is an inter-squad meet with a few alumni that come and run. It serves as a good tune up for the athletes and a chance for the alumni to show their support.
This year, Central just finished putting in a new surface on the indoor track and it is nice. Their website says it is the same surface as used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Three of my former teammates and I decided it would be fun to run a 4x800. We thought it would be better to do a relay, that way we if we got embarrassed, we would be embarrassed with friends and not by ourselves! Kind of a strength in number concept. The meet started at 6 and there were only 10 events, so i assumed that it would go fast. Even though the 4x800 was the last event, I told Heather and Chad and Shay that I would probably be running around 6:45 or 7:00. I would like to apologize to the three of you because the 4x800 didn't start until 8:30. Sorry, but a big thanks for sticking around and cheering me on!
I led our team off (2.17) and handed the baton to Morgan. He ran an awesome leg (2.14) and handed it off to Jon Rathje (Smokey, pictured below, 2.19), Smokey ran very well and handed it off to Chris Lauman (Nosty, 2.17) and Nosty was our strong anchor. We were competing against 3 other teams from Central and out of the 4 teams, we finished 3rd! Not bad for a bunch of old guys!

My favorite memory of the night was when Heather and I were driving home. I was recalling the race and said "Wow, Morgan ran awesome, he ran 3 seconds faster than me!" To which Heather replied, "Yeah, he looked like he was running a lot faster than you." Ouch, I thought to myself, although she didn't mean too, it was like salt in the wound, but looking back now it was very funny! All in all, it was a lot of fun to run around the track again and I am looking forward to doing it again next year.

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