Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Adventure

For Christmas this year, Heather and I gave my parents the gift of adventures. We planned a different adventure for all of us to go on every other month. This month we started with dinner at Jethro's BBQ and then on to a Drake basketball game.
Dinner was really good. The restaurant was full, but we got right in and the food was very tasty. After dinner we headed down to the Knapp Center for the basketball game. As we get out of the car, another Drake fan rolls down his window and explains that the game is postponed until tomorrow. I walk up to the stadium to find out more details while everyone else stays warm in the car. The opposing team, Evansville was coming from Indiana. There was a large ice storm in Indiana, so the teams charter couldn't take off. So instead of a basketball game, we played some bowling on Wii. My parents had played before, so they were ready to go!
My mom showing us her great form.
Each time she bowled she somehow also took a knee, she managed to bowl a 172 so something was working right.
Heather demonstrates her skills in the bowling alley.
My dad tries his arm at knocking down the pins.
I take my turn at bowling.
After bowling, my parents tried out Wii Play, they got to ride cows and knock down scarecrows.

We all really enjoyed playing the Wii, since we couldn't go to the game, it was a pretty good 2nd option. As for the Drake game, we will shoot for February, hopefully the weather will cooperate!

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