Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Birthday week was full of surprises and fun. Heather and I have the tradition of not working on each other's birthdays, so we both took the day off on Thursday to celebrate my 30th birthday! We started off the morning off with some waffles and then it was off to Half Priced Books, I-80 Flea Market and Brass Armadillo. We had some lunch at Noodle Zoo and then headed home for a nap. That evening we met up with the Siskow's and the Pine's for dinner at Flying Mango!
The Siskow's gave me "The Duke" by Dr Grabow. My first pipe. Aaron, Derek and I have started a book club and our thought was we should smoke pipes while we read Derek and Aaron need to get pipes!
The Pines gave me some money for my tattoo fund and this sweet card!
When we got home, Heather and I cut out the moustaches according to the directions on the birthday card! Heather is showing off "the Frenchie"!
Saturday, we went out with Heather's family for supper to Smokey D's. Nathan tested out "the Handlebar" and Doreen is sporting "the Biker" moustache!
Gracie is also a fan of "the Handlebar"
Heather and Karys with their moustache's
After dinner, I thought we were heading to a bowling alley to bowl, Heather said "Let me drive, we need to go pick up your gift" She led me to believe that my gift was going to be a new tattoo. As we were driving, she handed me a blindfold...something was up. Sure enough, Heather has been planning and scheming since before Christmas to throw me a surprise party! Blast from the past, it was an 80's themed party...and Heather even managed to have fun outfits for us to change into at the party! Nice work babe!
Sweat into the 80's!
The Harbert's were rockin' the headbands, even little Miles had a sweet headband!
The dudes!
The Siskow's, the Vocelka's, the Comfort's and the Pine's, all rockin' the 80's style!
Morgan and I are all smiles in our sweatsuits
Kip "the Hulk" and Eric both sporting super sweet moustaches!
Christa, Piper, Wade and myself having a great time at the party
Jarrett gave us all big smiles as he yelled "CHEESE"
The Lubach's were looking awesome in their get-ups
Ryan went with the "preppy" 80's look with 3 polos with "popped" collars...reminds me of Saved by the Bell (Zach attack)
My parents and I showing our purple pride...go Indians
Grandma Gloria, the Stroud's, the OC VL's, the Pella VL's and the Comforts all smiles...surprise!
I had a great time and was very surprised. I am amazed at how sneaky Heather is and how she was able to pull this party off without my knowledge. Big thanks to everyone for surprising me (lying to me)! Big thanks to my mom and my sister for helping Heather pull this off. I had a great birthday and thanks to everyone for reminding my that I am now an "old man"! Here's to 30